Yearning to breathe

The sky was an outburst to my fears as, it was the only one who had the right to decide my limits. The anxiety to soar high was intriguing an apprehensive sense of prodigy which was a vaguely biased challenge I faced towards the new life excluding the social taboos. I thanked my parents, my almighty a thousand tonnes to present me a journey to fete,which was actually a second chance for me to try sans all intimidation.
Restricted lifestyle was the one, I had my bosom into since childhood, but this chance was a little more sojourn as I was growing, not only biologically,but also ripened into a matured one.
Decisions were all mine, but had constantly opposed all rights and wrongs to get them along. I was superficially attracted to the deification of my mother as she was the divine structure who held me both in joy and pain. 
My sole longing was to breathe,to live,to be free,to be my way,whatever it may be I should be myself, like any other being. I hated being encircled in boundations stricken environment though I was traditional and well cultured may be,but I gave importance to thoughts rather than being attracted to beings. My yearning to be credulous made me finally out of the mediocre in bound societies which made me and my mind more sick.
I can now attune to all those who expect good out of me,which makes me more obliged towards the respect I carry for my freedom.
It may be my desire to touch the realms of hearts of different varieties around,which in turn made a loving person in me.Mistakes were though a part of life and like any other being I made them too, but was still trying to learn from them. I find myself much dole in the sense to world, because I earned this sense by my passion to breathe, my desire to see and my wings to fly.

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