Being Conceit..

Striving towards new heights and changing the present standard of living knew no bounds to the folks because its a routine exercise to practice our inbuilt complacence to live a healthy and worthy lifestyle these days. Respect, wisdom and character all three of them are influenced by our ego. All the social fears keep us encrypted to be a part of this facade self centered and anti-altruistic phenomenon, where we can enjoy being enigmatic within the masked faces and hearts too.
Stepping up on demands and desires and qualifying it to a prior discipline to rivet on the hunger is the malignancy of ego. If we can just think of growing up day by day by instilling a pinch of self control, which will let our minds to be thoughtful about rights and wrongs.
Egoism contrasts with ethical altruism, which holds the moral obligation to help others. The selfless concern for the ones you care and the world around us is a head turner act of humanity which is rarely practiced now. The most demonic act of being audacious in our veins is the lack of respect for the ones who made us worthy, distinguishing between all the odds and controlling our desires can at least curb the narcissism to drain out of our pervert structures.
We ought to keep a count of our needs and requirements because mostly we discover them to be interminable and infinite and excess of this exaggeration to take pride in superiority in every respect has a virtue and an illegible quality of dismantling the relations and minds.
A way out to this rudeness towards ones own attitude is to be realistic and a conscious awareness to what we have received in comparison to what we thirst for.

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