The Delhi Girl

The somatic composition of a girl is in vast contradiction to that of a Delhi girl because of the much hyped criteria that’s been set for a girl belonging to The Capital. The caliberation is infused in the minds of our society,our people and may be our mindsets that a girl from Delhi is a vague creature from some distant planet with a specialised characteristic and physical features.
It’s a matter of a bizarre thing that she’ll be a kind of a superficially designed person who is sloppy enough to be counted among the crowd of nation.The myth goes on upto an extent that she might be a highly maladroit born specie with a sense of modishness which is potent and a bit undigestible for the public. But the things that made her really different, is her open outlook or I must say over extrovertness and freaky demure.
She is often seen as a personification of a spoilt brat with being alcoholic and loitering as her genetic traits.In some cases it turns out to be a real luminary to this description as being a sceptic if someone points out an extravagant young lady in a petty and urbane outfit and ingenuous in features, they may convive her as a typical Delhi girl, which might act as an arduous stoical statement to her lifestyle.
But contrary to the affable description of a Delhi chick, some of them stand out of the line and prove to be definitely outward to this sheepish mentality breaking the norms of Delhi society by carrying none of such ill-sorts. Few of them define the typical scintillating mediocrity, which still respect the values they are brought up in and being genial to their ownselves,who carry their real happiness in small things and heartiousness leading to contemplative smiles on every face rather than vehement clumsiness.
The perspicacious angle which I intrepid here is the social breach which exemplifies an imaginary beam balance stereotyping the two fishes of same sea. In terms of society , girl-being the fairer sex, the distinctive barrier decodes the one being brought up in excess sophistication and sarcasm
and the other led in a world of reality and made to play barefooted in the setaceous sand of life.

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