A Helping Hand

It is true to my belief that problems being very frequent mostly end up landing us into core helplessness and an overhauled margin of tolerance, where we just strive to boot scan the entire system of our skulls and restart our immortal enigma. To counterbalance our etched brains and blocked hearts, we discover it empirical to depend on some close one to pull our legs out of this deadly estranged condition, which certainly reduces our introspection but leads us to a defalcated mesh, where we are just taken for granted leading us to a quantum of gratitude and being credulous to the heavenly soul who attributed his worthy hand to put an end to our tumult.

 I wonder why we can’t sort out these ramshackled issues on our own, which threaten us to intricate more deplorable circumstances, I feel that no one can be of the best help in a way, we can serve our culpability with “no complains no demands”. It’ll be ecstatic on our part to diminish the hurdle to an appalling insurgency and steer our minds to get ahead and gear up our lions to visualize the fuss in our head in a very peculiar manner. The dare to look at our problems straight in face is a convergence to our bravery and strength I believe, which will rather flaunt our endurance to the ones who love to look down upon us.

Most of us desire to improve certain things about the personality, the nature and the character at times but the lasting change is elusive. Rather many of our habits are ingrained and some exaggerated personality attributes are immutable, so I admire this implication to top the list of borrowing a helping hand to myself, because it’s never too late to believe in ourselves rather than being abashed of derogatory individuals.

Being rational to ourselves with patronizing efforts and determination, it is very much possible to be the person we want us to be. Here we end up the perception and the probability of getting pissed off and even embrace our vogue of being our sole companion.

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