The Kid Within

Childhood is the emblem of divinity, a form of budding which requires extreme care and implicacy rooted evenly. The seeds sown in their infancy ripen into lustrous and vibrant fruits, showering the juice of affection and sturdiness they are brought up with.
The mistakes committed and the relations incested during this phase of life intrigue a tinkering impact on the life ahead.The conditions and circumstances are the most prevalent issues where some children are not been nurtured in a healthy manner. As a result,whether its a cradle age, an adolescent or a younger adult, a feeling of being ignored, abandoned or not being loved retains in the tiny mindsets. The memories of these unresolved feelings are carried to our adult life and often gets buried in our subconscious psyche.

The little senescence, that grins on every slight bit of joy, be it on blushing on the sight of a balloon or jumping beyond their limits are just curtailed to rebuking axle of harshness. In case of extreme deprivation, the child in the initial stage itself discovers some conclusion to aftermath the incomplete blanks left dredged around them. To distract there subtle minds,they begin to engulf themselves to untenable things which keep them at bay from the pain within. The other way they practice is by seeking attention of every being, to complete their souls bereft of all joys and emotions, and they nomadically search the love and care to be sprinkled upon them. They get attuned to encrypted pattern of being busy and pleasing everyone, which get instilled in their minds and get confines to this short lived happiness till the day they survive.

Then suddenly they acquire a peeking urge to communicate the to the kid whom they bolted within their undermine bosom and build a beautiful relationship based on pure trust and understanding. In a passage of time, although they turn out to express their emotions but have a surity in depth somewhere that their childhood will never alter to a warm one, yet their habits and perceptions modify being hindered by some insane loneliness.

The ripening of the fruit is remarkable by the change in its color and so does visibly the strengthening of the relationship of a premature adolescent to its kid inside designate the desolate feelings of lonesomeness and contrarily relations to the world start souring up. The meganomaniacal depression can be clearly pointed out in the semi grown up flower now,who is considered unrooted in the light of world.

The kid in us remains heartbroken forever but can always be with us in our most pathetic conditions, as it can not always make sense of their situation, the way an adult can, therefore sometimes form beliefs that are not based on reality, but their conceptual ability. My journey of discovering a younger being in me felt surprising and awkward initially, but it turned out to be very rewarding and contempt in the long run.

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