The Vicious Liquid

An evil fluid, brought in use for severe mechanical cleaning over hardcore stained objects including floors and metals can permanently ruin and shred the soft tissues of human body. This simple apprehension is beyond the limits of those demonic minds, who ruthlessly tear apart the tender skin of a girl, by flaunting a nightmare to her beauty and respect with the shivering process of splashing the burning acid on her face and body parts.

This act of Vitriol-ism (throwing acid) was never considered as a violent assault until several youngsters among us are mercilessly sacrificed to the violent pangs of suffering Some completely lost their vision, others their sense organs and some are still striving hard to cope with their bloodless internal organs, which carry the tainted marks of the screeching sensation and tethered tissues. I do not understand this fierce act of inhumanity, which is very prominently practiced nowadays by some of the so-called-insane lovers or a terrific outcome of a drastic revenge. Few of them I guess, just try the liquid out on some random faces, just to analyze the chemical and physical changes that will for sure enlighten their shrewd smiles and sharp intentions.

This inhumane sickness is a disaster, tremoring the environment with some graveyard silence and making girls more and more forbidden and introvert. Not mentioning the other bifurcated criminal acts of eve teasing and molestation, this devastating act is far more critical for a girl to survive. It’s a matter of grave concern that acid attack victims have to suffer all their life, pertaining the most vicious sulfuric acid on their parts with that deadly feel of scorching burns and traumatized minds. A handful of these ill-fated are left untreated and desolate to fight the pain alone which is next to a life after death.

I get terrorized at the thought of being disfigured with partially scalded face, because I do carry a common girl in me who can be a victim to any of this acid assault. So I have an urge to waken up the society we live in to express their concern over the ascending number of acid attacks. The policy to curb the sale of acid in order to prevent this obnoxious crime should also be enacted. Proper treatment, compensation and special care should be granted for the well being and rehabilitation of the sufferers.

The recent loss occurred to Mandeep Kaur and her father, has evoked some of the high political minds to pressurize our government to take strict action  and entail charges of murder and violent assault on the insane criminals.

First Aid for an Acid Attack:

  • The victim should wash the affected area with water for about 15 to 20 minutes. The area should be continually exposed to water to completely wash off the chemical.
  • Should not be taken to Burning Treatment authorities of the hospital for any emergent medication.
  • Trauma Counselling is the foremost step to be practiced to handle the victim calmly.

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