I am an individual of an era where I keep updating myself of the do’s and dont’s that happen to me in everyday scenario.But I still strive harder everyday to get through the reasons which actually stop us from growing.Our decisions and priorities lay straight in front still we hesitate to acquire them actively because we have an instinct that we are satisfied in what we have and draw a line there itself. The reality whereas lies in a rational decision that is one that is not just reasoned,but also optimal for achieving a goal. There are strange and gorgeous times,tonnes of challenges,dazzling possibilities and I viscerally want us to leverage these times to fly,to express your talent, to do your dreams, to make the world better.
We can atleast start small,dream huge but begin today,nothing happens until we take a massive action. The sad reality is that procrastination is nothing more than a defense mechanism of choice used by scared people, if we actually did our goals and acted on our vision, we’d have become ultra-successful. The spectacular success brings responsibility that frightens most of us and so we put off getting great things done and blame the world for any mediocrity that infuses our lives.

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