Oh my Friend!

I always admire the relationship of utmost love and coherent care flooding out of the cropping friendship among individuals.It’s tagged as the heavenly relation or a very momentous gift which was gifted to us in appraisal by God’s grace,and I adamantly go for it.It can be a cool one where ruthless sharing and rendering of almost everything in a college hostel or it may also be a professional one too,carrying expensive gifts for each other and finding out ways to surprise your dear friends by your breathtaking creativity. Amidst these spine tinging moments we come across some basic tendencies of human nature which I hesitatingly announce as a “taking for granted attitude”.

It is not that way that I am not susceptible to such vacillating humor but in this everyday world,where every new person turns out to be a friend,I find all of us standing on an equivalent platform. Here we are graciously exploited in the sacred name of “true friendship”,which was generally initiated by someone else and whole heartedly practiced by our beautiful hearts.Pain is also completely ours,because now we are prone to not disclose any hard feelings to our over expectant buddy.This attitude goes on and on and we being mere sufferers now enjoy our friendship being very perceptible to all do’s and dont’s of our roommate or bestie or a freak who is used to make advantage out of our situation. Being in 21st century,and carrying a very optimistic approach too leads us to sprout up some grudges and hard feelings for them,by getting accustomed to the cleaning of chaos sponsored by them or helplessly expecting a little out of them which almost turns out to be vague.

In melancholy of this sweet bit relationship,we inhibit a cheerlessness in this hollow friendship and the animosity begins to exalt out of our anger by slang’s like ,”Are Yaar!” and some similar phrases take a front seat in a common practice. The brain and heart incurs a heavy loss which comes out through the tears dripping out of our prominent sense organs and all we do is blame ourselves for being over-generous to an undeserving one.I feel nostalgic at almost every instant and believe it to be true as true friendship is hard to earn,with a pure sense of selflessness and meaning the world to your friend. When we are the loneliest in this revolving world,the feeling of security gifted to us by the one can make our day more worthy and can manifolds shower the charm of true friendship.

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