Pious or Superstitious!

The poison of fear and dreariness dwelling in the hearts is claimed as the ritual which in infinitely intrigued in our family values or moreover in illusive customs from the childhood itself.As we grow up with these self condemned values,we become more conscious with these illicit thoughts of relating the weekdays to certain myths,either the road crossed by a mighty cat,which may turn out to be frugal or stepping over a rag,may shorten the life and some related heckled tales.

It’s not about hurting the moral or spiritual values of a particular sect or individual,it’s more about the irrational thoughts and horrendous beliefs that we aimlessly strive towards and follow on some hollow and fake basis.We become so fudged into the unrealistic fallacy that we often cobble our way to blind-forthness. Being an agnostic or an atheist may sometimes make a sense in a way,because a susceptibility of becoming a superstitious fool drops down in that situation.They neither believe in the existence of God,nor do they entertain the presence of demons and black magic,they have a different approach in life to carry out their prayers, might be in the form of honesty with their work or recreational thoughts and self help activities sometimes.This euphemism seems better than being a frightened and erratically insane human.

On the other hand,what I feel about the ones who love to express their reverence for a particular deity or are superficially devoted to a particular Lord or Goddess are most of the times equally apparent to such ineloquent beliefs,that just create a breaching effect both mentally and monetarily. The so-called “Godmens and Baba’s” will prominently conduct havans and short-term hero worships just to curb the kaal sarpyog’s and mahaa-mrityunjay jaap’s,just to delay the date and time of  exit of someone close.I feel it as a ludicrous issue,intimating the “Yamraj” regarding your responsibilities and buffering up his plan to terminate the prone one a  little later.It should not go unnoticed,if a person is purely spiritual and deificating a Supreme God out of its piousness is mostly vulnerable to these orthodox norms.I do not comment on their religious facts and conditions but the relation with the unnatural habits reiterate me to raise a voice against such impure beliefs.

A sense of true and blissful respect spurt into my soul for those radicals,who still practice the art to be away from these unholy acts and naturally adapt to ridicule the aspects of superstitious,which do never serve any good to anyone,rather than spreading darkness.I wish to flush out these innate instincts in me as well,as it is a disrespect to my own values.These labyrinth ill-facts do strike a chord deep within me, making me more alert and conscious on the basis of their fabricated existence.

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