Dream On!

Dream is a picture of our imagination.It is an expression of illusion we are budding into,which commiserates our good and bad and also make us anticipate the real desires within.Our dreams are a gateway to our future and a blemish to our past,which makes us more perceptible to follow them beyond shadow of a doubt.Sometimes we also visualize some expressions,which pose too hard to recall with open eyes,and our dream,our conscience calmly allows are dreams to whisper those untold and forgotten motifs, tales and memories.

They are our immortal impulses which are deprived of reality and the present outlook but still they follow us in a way ahead of our thinking and do’s and dont’s. Our dreams are a mirror to our expectations and also a personification to our certainties.It’s not that we achieve what we dream,moreover it’s just about the sincerity in what we conduct and the manner we approach to achieve.We get used to our daily routine and sleep relentlessly to compensate the lost consciousness,which is the best split-second duration to overcome the negativity and incarnate the potion of recreation.

 Imagination and delusion are two phases of our dreams which highly influence our longings and malevolence.
They are an important aspect to analyze the best in ourselves,which turns out to be a tentative good fortune sometimes and a positive mood definitely.Let’s a live a tension-free espirit and cherish the power to dream on and stay ecstatic switching off our complicated systems.


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