Divinity Incarnated…

A lady who brings us into light of the world is the embodiment of heavenly powers and credible potential to raise our identity.Certainly we are god’s gift on this planet, but the bearer was always a strong personality camouflaged in a poised drape.Now I wont perplex the situation by mingling my thoughts, as it’s an auspicious occasion of Navratri and we are in a usual fast-stricken routine to deify Goddess Durga and her Nine morphs, and it’ll be impolite of me to signify my analysis on the real Goddess of my life.Still I render shade and comfort in the whimsical lap of my mother, whose ambience I cherish in my ups and downs. 
Tujhe sab h pata haina Maa..
Indeed she is the most serene person in our lives but has the maximum hardships to come over at every instant.There’s no room for her own pursuits and choices, rather there is a constant reminder set for a lifetime to prompt her about the adapted duties and cautions.I am a staunch admirer of this divine personification, who curiously lay her eyes for my glimpse.With the falling of dawn, those lonesome eyes grow deeper in the want of more of me beside her and her heart begins to sketch the anxiety bereft of happiness. This hide and seek goes on all our life with the over increasing excitement and vigor.
 The whereabouts change a lot and yet I figure out that she’s the only one who know my literal present situation in spite of my spontaneous denial to any instance.She’s the mother, the one who go through the utmost pain when I cry a bit and again stand up to lead me out of this melancholy.Being the most beautiful soul in our lives,she carries this placid affection even after her dissolution and instills her blissful essence, sparking our existence.

I wish to hold her for a while and express my love and care for her which she always deserved and make her realize the beauty which she ingrained in everyone’s vitality.I may not be there for her when she needed me the most and just wished to spend some glorifying moments in my presence,but I yearn to visualize her, the void which I carry because I couldn’t make it to her. I wish to get young again to cherish and ponder upon my mother’s affection.


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