Eyes..speak a lot!

Eyes do speak a lot, they scan the cardiac sensations and instantly reveal the status beneath. However, we today are in a common practice to run beyond our emotions and follow something unusual,which just enhances a momentous harmony. Still we act so optimistic to our beliefs,that we open-heartedly accept the notions and give a room to the satisfaction of being happy.

Yet eyes give a contradictory glimpse to that of our other sense organs and betray the fabricated emoticons fixed on the dim face.Eyes have the potential to hide and expose our instincts and they purposely come in action when we are at the top of our concocted emotions.They also take care of concealing the mighty tears in the corners, just to make a watery impact on the protagonist,who may consider it to be an evidence of satire or an instance of melancholy.Eyes also smile with us when we give a heartious laugh which is a symbol of our internal happiness and purity.This happiness may be a consequence of longing true love or blooming prosperity, which is an indication of the spark and colors in life through the gleaming eyes, full of vigor and charm.  

These eyes can make it possible to melt a bosom as hard as a boulder to a crystal clear potion, by just laying them upon the admirer.The beauty of the eyes lie in the truth beheld in the heart and  mind. Not everyone has the power to express, but every eye has a lot to speak about. Eyes also have the worth to drive out the inapproachable facts endogenous to the one sitting beside.They are magical and illusive too, but one thing they always do is concise themselves when they deceive.

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