A Reason to smile!

 I was also one of those not-so-open girls, who sheepishly cross the way so that no one notices ,and never expected that sort of ideal love stories of Love at first site. And I believed myself to be strong minded, independent and  elegant  too..(giggles) .A girl in twenties who had the sensitivity of a petal to heal life, yet the strength of a tree to face life ,a heart which could absorb all pain , yet could shed tears touched by the pain of a stranger. A soul which held an understanding the very wise have, yet cares like the most innocent child ever. In short , a complete , geometrical opposite to what the guys look out for..
Before he stepped into my life, I knew he had to be very calm, serious and quiet person. I had already imagined my life with him. My days & nights would be full of talks about work, life, aspirations and other serious issues I have talked about with others. But love doesn’t happen such a regular and ordinary way. It has to tread on the path we never imagine to walk on and with the person we never can imagine to love. Every girl has a frame in her dream of the man she would want to be with for her whole life. And when the man arrives, the frame vanishes…doesn’t matter how different the man from the frame is, because while a boy finds a girl who keeps him happy,this boy has found a girl he wants to keep happy. 

My friends used to say that only a quiet person can ever bear me for his life, a person who has plenty of words will leave me in two days. He  also shared this with me that only a bubbly & funny girl can stay happily with him. How easy it is to think and imagine along those lines…and we two also imagined the same. But fate had something else in store for us. I think fate always has something else in store for everyone, at least not what they imagine about relationships.
A funny girl would have given him a perfect environment of laughter’s and jokes. A day with a quiet girl won’t have its complete share. I remember I told  this once to him. At first, I used to feel that he is fun-loving, talking-always-nonsense nature can only survive for little time. I  laughed with him, I smiled with him..unknown with the fact that the laughter won’t last for long. But in his absence, I recalled those and laughed again alone..just like an insane. I believe this…when you do something in isolation, it reflects your true feelings. I saw him  making people around him laugh, make them feel happy in what they are doing, make them believe in their capabilities and dreams, make them feel good about life. 
At least, I felt all whatever I stated above. And then I realized, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you imagine would be the best for your life…only thing matters is your completion with the one.We may be poles apart from each other…but he made me believe in myself and love, make me feel good about life, he  makes  it worth living and not just spending days, and he made me….ME.

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