It’s my Fault!

A numb heart, a shaken mind and a ruptured soul are the only leftovers in a girl after being a victim of horrendous physical harassment. The atrocity leaves her to just symbolize the shame,which her surroundings portray her as. A screech in her heart, to be playful again, the way she was, before getting served to those obnoxious males, stays unheard at the threshold of her tethered dignity.

Her friends,family and all near ones appear outlying, the disgraceful zone of her deflowered chastity.Some cry and some die, but the vultures are still hunting for the next prey. From truck drivers to our big shots, none of them take a back seat in committing this misdeed.    


Three highly dignified, learned and reputed personalities in our surroundings are notoriously perceptible. Aasaram Bapu (is or was portrayed) as a spiritual guru,the Bapu, had loads of followers who trusted him blindly, respected him and pampered him next to God. Tarun Tejpal, being the second, is a renowned Indian journalist, publisher, novelist, philanthropist and former editor-in-cheif of an eminent magazine who rocked Indian media with his sting operation. And then there is Justice A.K. Ganguly, a far-famed retired judge of the highest court of India, who delivered judgement in many high profile cases and was the former chairperson of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission. He had been accounted as “My Lord” on an uncountable axis during his tenure in court.

A common link standing amid these all is the heinous act of women harassment.

Women especially Indian women are doomed up to put up with harassment-on the streets, in their homes, almost all public places and in their workplaces too. Unfortunately, this rotten mentality is not only confined to the lower section of the society but it has its reach upto upper echelons of our civilization. The victims involve both the less privileged women and the high-class strong women. “ Ignore the barking dogs”, that is the most common advice they get from people around them and are also forced to forget the incidence claiming it as a part of every women’s life. “What’s the big deal in it ?”, “Every women has to go through it”. Now my concern is that why the women are doomed to go through it?

The answer lies in the male dominated society as, women have always been considered weaker as compared to men. It is somewhere in the male governed psychology that men have the complete authority to control women. The gender inequality has been prevalent since ages in our country and till now, women have not got the respect and dignity that they deserve to get. Also the stagnation of the judicial system and police to deal with such cases gets the accused away easily. The victims choose to be silent, as in such cases, there is least or no justice at all, making the incident public, harms her dignity more than doing any good to her.

The conditions are so deplorable that the one who raises her voice against such crimes, their own conduct and character comes under scrutiny, the reactions firing up from all sections of the society. The victim is mostly traumatized, humiliated in public and on the whole is looked upon by suspicious eyes. Right from eating noodles, possessing mobile phones to her western attire becomes the reason for social violence against her. She mistakenly becomes the reason for her own defamation and is being prudently objectified by public.

Despite the guidelines, and various other laws made, for women security, harassment and social abuse against women has continued. Until and unless there is a social and moral awakening against such beastly exploitations, every women will be forced to screech ,”It’s my fault”.