*Misleading Memories*

There must be thousands words you have ever said to me, but now I remember only few of them. Sure they are filtered by my mind in parallel lines to my desires, drawing an unrealistic image of yours.It is then when I realize, I cannot even trust my memories, as they too are misleading… I remember only half of their side – the brighter one, the darker side being ignored intentionally by my loving heart. What I remember is just a false belief, the darker side being the truth.

It is then when I realize I cannot even trust my heart, as it is no more loyal to me but to you.It is then when I realize, that there doesn’t exist a single thing within me that I can trust upon… Everything seems vague and fake… Even me myself!

There was this heavy rain that clouds poured outside, and another heavy rain existed in me, where everything on my path seemed to be overlapped with clouds of uncertainties. However rain is essential sometimes to wash the path once in a while, to make the path clear. My rain too was essential, to make the path better for me.

Lately it’s about emotions that are unexpressed, relations that are essential, moments of heavenly happiness as well as devastating sorrows & beauty of life!


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