You are my Home!

Sitting next to her better half in the balcony of their newly owned  house,she could comprehend the warmth Smriti always craved for. In the plight of that peaceful moment, she stared at him with a quest to know what would he like to have for breakfast?

There was a not-so-unusual reply from Kunal, which purported that anything will be fine but steamed Idly’s and omelette will serve the best. She followed his indifferent choice and made a move briskly to the kitchen. It was half an hour since she began and was pouring the dry-fruit shake in his tumbler when, she could smell his elegant crux beside her, seeking other utensils for breakfast to help her out at the table. She couldn’t express much but only had a blissful tenderness on her lips,admiring the decision she made.


He always was a heartious one, who relished life in a sumptuous manner and from the very point when he promised to marry her, she could visibly sense his excitement to have a small family with her .Today she was the epitome of the same love and care she always dreamt of ,while this relation was going through those worrisome days, when constant denials paved  rough roads for them. He was a very lively person in all who, made her smile even in worse situations and she could face the world with the same confidence again.

Their peculiar backgrounds had made it more thrilling for Smriti, to try out his taste in variant recipes to make him feel homely and tingle his taste-buds, which also could accord him with a tint of the flavor her mother-in-law’s cooking had. He was a great connoisseur of lovely food and being posted in southern premises of the country,he cultivated a gorging appetite for off-beating Idly’s and chutneys,which she was not very much fond of, but eventually love made that happen too!

Nibbling on the left over omelette, he turned nostalgic about the times when he convinced his family to marry her and assured them that she can understand his needs the best. He grinned on those silly moments when he teased her making her feel shy and stepping out of his memoir,he exclaimed with a loud excitement,” Did you like our new home?”, to which she looked at his overjoyed face and calmly replied, “Indeed it is a lovely house,but you are my home “.


Magic of remembered moments…

Why is it that  many a time,  what we have been waiting for to happen, what we had been wishing for- when that moment finally dawns,  why does it feel so unreal, almost as if it was happening to someone else. Why does it feel so ordinary, so bland?

When the long awaited moment was in the present, I kept reminding myself , “Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for, watch it unfurl, be in it, hold on to it, savor it. Lock it away, for some day in the future, you will seek this moment in the casket of your memories, you’ll long to be back in it, relive it”…And then in some moment of the remote future, it becomes a miracle remembered, perhaps more magical than it had actually been when in the present.