Smelling yesteryear’s dust!

It had already stopped raining and the evening looked more splendid, as it was an unusual winter shower. Poised and composed as I walked down the little lane near my house, the cluster of little wet houses with few people leisurely taking a walk and two other children running after each other was delightful. I was drifted back in time which left me surprised, how two days can be so connected. Different times different eras, and the journey of 20 years seemed like a myth which had happened to us. Me and my brother cherished these rainy moments with a super-energetic reminiscence,where paper boats and kitchen set were the most precious toys to give life for. And it struck me why living here brings me a strange peace. Childhood tugs at my heart and I was left with a glimpse of a time gone.
As a child, all I wanted to get out of my little town, live in faraway lands, eat different food, lead different life. Now I am doing exactly that and yet,life has come a full circle. I savor every bit of nostalgia in light of treasuring memories. I find comfort in simple food of yesteryear’s and the rains which swiftly drained me to some amazing times.
Life brings about myriad possibilities. It astonishes me how a day can sometime stretch on and on and we fit in an unbelievable amount of love,care,affection and feelings into it.Every hour..every minute..every second goes on as we joyfully taste every bit. Then sometimes we wake up and blink and the day vanishes, just like that, we have nothing to recall, nothing to account for.