A Helping Hand

It is true to my belief that problems being very frequent mostly end up landing us into core helplessness and an overhauled margin of tolerance, where we just strive to boot scan the entire system of our skulls and restart our immortal enigma. To counterbalance our etched brains and blocked hearts, we discover it empirical to depend on some close one to pull our legs out of this deadly estranged condition, which certainly reduces our introspection but leads us to a defalcated mesh, where we are just taken for granted leading us to a quantum of gratitude and being credulous to the heavenly soul who attributed his worthy hand to put an end to our tumult.

 I wonder why we can’t sort out these ramshackled issues on our own, which threaten us to intricate more deplorable circumstances, I feel that no one can be of the best help in a way, we can serve our culpability with “no complains no demands”. It’ll be ecstatic on our part to diminish the hurdle to an appalling insurgency and steer our minds to get ahead and gear up our lions to visualize the fuss in our head in a very peculiar manner. The dare to look at our problems straight in face is a convergence to our bravery and strength I believe, which will rather flaunt our endurance to the ones who love to look down upon us.

Most of us desire to improve certain things about the personality, the nature and the character at times but the lasting change is elusive. Rather many of our habits are ingrained and some exaggerated personality attributes are immutable, so I admire this implication to top the list of borrowing a helping hand to myself, because it’s never too late to believe in ourselves rather than being abashed of derogatory individuals.

Being rational to ourselves with patronizing efforts and determination, it is very much possible to be the person we want us to be. Here we end up the perception and the probability of getting pissed off and even embrace our vogue of being our sole companion.

The Kid Within

Childhood is the emblem of divinity, a form of budding which requires extreme care and implicacy rooted evenly. The seeds sown in their infancy ripen into lustrous and vibrant fruits, showering the juice of affection and sturdiness they are brought up with.
The mistakes committed and the relations incested during this phase of life intrigue a tinkering impact on the life ahead.The conditions and circumstances are the most prevalent issues where some children are not been nurtured in a healthy manner. As a result,whether its a cradle age, an adolescent or a younger adult, a feeling of being ignored, abandoned or not being loved retains in the tiny mindsets. The memories of these unresolved feelings are carried to our adult life and often gets buried in our subconscious psyche.

The little senescence, that grins on every slight bit of joy, be it on blushing on the sight of a balloon or jumping beyond their limits are just curtailed to rebuking axle of harshness. In case of extreme deprivation, the child in the initial stage itself discovers some conclusion to aftermath the incomplete blanks left dredged around them. To distract there subtle minds,they begin to engulf themselves to untenable things which keep them at bay from the pain within. The other way they practice is by seeking attention of every being, to complete their souls bereft of all joys and emotions, and they nomadically search the love and care to be sprinkled upon them. They get attuned to encrypted pattern of being busy and pleasing everyone, which get instilled in their minds and get confines to this short lived happiness till the day they survive.

Then suddenly they acquire a peeking urge to communicate the to the kid whom they bolted within their undermine bosom and build a beautiful relationship based on pure trust and understanding. In a passage of time, although they turn out to express their emotions but have a surity in depth somewhere that their childhood will never alter to a warm one, yet their habits and perceptions modify being hindered by some insane loneliness.

The ripening of the fruit is remarkable by the change in its color and so does visibly the strengthening of the relationship of a premature adolescent to its kid inside designate the desolate feelings of lonesomeness and contrarily relations to the world start souring up. The meganomaniacal depression can be clearly pointed out in the semi grown up flower now,who is considered unrooted in the light of world.

The kid in us remains heartbroken forever but can always be with us in our most pathetic conditions, as it can not always make sense of their situation, the way an adult can, therefore sometimes form beliefs that are not based on reality, but their conceptual ability. My journey of discovering a younger being in me felt surprising and awkward initially, but it turned out to be very rewarding and contempt in the long run.

Being Conceit..

Striving towards new heights and changing the present standard of living knew no bounds to the folks because its a routine exercise to practice our inbuilt complacence to live a healthy and worthy lifestyle these days. Respect, wisdom and character all three of them are influenced by our ego. All the social fears keep us encrypted to be a part of this facade self centered and anti-altruistic phenomenon, where we can enjoy being enigmatic within the masked faces and hearts too.
Stepping up on demands and desires and qualifying it to a prior discipline to rivet on the hunger is the malignancy of ego. If we can just think of growing up day by day by instilling a pinch of self control, which will let our minds to be thoughtful about rights and wrongs.
Egoism contrasts with ethical altruism, which holds the moral obligation to help others. The selfless concern for the ones you care and the world around us is a head turner act of humanity which is rarely practiced now. The most demonic act of being audacious in our veins is the lack of respect for the ones who made us worthy, distinguishing between all the odds and controlling our desires can at least curb the narcissism to drain out of our pervert structures.
We ought to keep a count of our needs and requirements because mostly we discover them to be interminable and infinite and excess of this exaggeration to take pride in superiority in every respect has a virtue and an illegible quality of dismantling the relations and minds.
A way out to this rudeness towards ones own attitude is to be realistic and a conscious awareness to what we have received in comparison to what we thirst for.

Feeling the Instincts

The ardent feelings which are evocative enough to turn on the hot-button issues that elicit strong emotional reactions within us are defined  by me as the determined Instincts,which may generally be a decayed mind or a neglected heart on the verge of deterioration. I do anyway enjoy the art of acknowledging the unstructured thoughts that my mind broadcasts every moment,as its a major consequence of fluctuating my systolic and diastolic pressures.
The best thing about this inner voice is that it doesn’t dominate us as a critical parent,a compusive spender, an addictive personality or an angry perpetrator, it never shouts either. It calmly speaks frm a point of silence deep within you.We being the Homo-Sapeins have a unique sense of interaction with our minds only when we land up in a state of entangled nuerons,thus being very generous to us our inner voice presents us with the mind’s Big Database Response which somehow comes to be our intense desire that we were imapatiently expecting to happen.This definitely leads me to a conclusion where I strongly feel that feelings based statements can provide a wealth of information that the spreadsheets wont.Basically its a rearward to positivity,prosperity and consiousness because at the backend our gut feeling is one’s conscience in regard to a peculiar circumastance.
On the contrary, a head that is cluttered with extraneous thoughts,worry,fear,resentment,longing,desire or onging grief will feel physically impaired to percieve the sound of its inner voice due to the noise within. A sense of meditation is an ironical satire to my belief because the inner voice is not demanding enough like closed eyes in an empty room and concentrating on something unusual,it just craves for the constant heed paid to yourself in any state as in while cooking, reading or any other chores which constantly helps in driving out the ego driven ideas and desires from our over expecting minds. It has the ability to bring out a more sincere person within us by reducing the stress and improvement of heath related issues upto a certain level.
My Gut feeling has always been by my side in rough and smooth paths which I went through my childhood and it turned to be fruitful mostly.Listening to your inner voice can atleast stop pushing you towards aimless dires and unfold you to a brighter path leading to more time and energy for a sense of enjoyment.

The Delhi Girl

The somatic composition of a girl is in vast contradiction to that of a Delhi girl because of the much hyped criteria that’s been set for a girl belonging to The Capital. The caliberation is infused in the minds of our society,our people and may be our mindsets that a girl from Delhi is a vague creature from some distant planet with a specialised characteristic and physical features.
It’s a matter of a bizarre thing that she’ll be a kind of a superficially designed person who is sloppy enough to be counted among the crowd of nation.The myth goes on upto an extent that she might be a highly maladroit born specie with a sense of modishness which is potent and a bit undigestible for the public. But the things that made her really different, is her open outlook or I must say over extrovertness and freaky demure.
She is often seen as a personification of a spoilt brat with being alcoholic and loitering as her genetic traits.In some cases it turns out to be a real luminary to this description as being a sceptic if someone points out an extravagant young lady in a petty and urbane outfit and ingenuous in features, they may convive her as a typical Delhi girl, which might act as an arduous stoical statement to her lifestyle.
But contrary to the affable description of a Delhi chick, some of them stand out of the line and prove to be definitely outward to this sheepish mentality breaking the norms of Delhi society by carrying none of such ill-sorts. Few of them define the typical scintillating mediocrity, which still respect the values they are brought up in and being genial to their ownselves,who carry their real happiness in small things and heartiousness leading to contemplative smiles on every face rather than vehement clumsiness.
The perspicacious angle which I intrepid here is the social breach which exemplifies an imaginary beam balance stereotyping the two fishes of same sea. In terms of society , girl-being the fairer sex, the distinctive barrier decodes the one being brought up in excess sophistication and sarcasm
and the other led in a world of reality and made to play barefooted in the setaceous sand of life.

Yearning to breathe

The sky was an outburst to my fears as, it was the only one who had the right to decide my limits. The anxiety to soar high was intriguing an apprehensive sense of prodigy which was a vaguely biased challenge I faced towards the new life excluding the social taboos. I thanked my parents, my almighty a thousand tonnes to present me a journey to fete,which was actually a second chance for me to try sans all intimidation.
Restricted lifestyle was the one, I had my bosom into since childhood, but this chance was a little more sojourn as I was growing, not only biologically,but also ripened into a matured one.
Decisions were all mine, but had constantly opposed all rights and wrongs to get them along. I was superficially attracted to the deification of my mother as she was the divine structure who held me both in joy and pain. 
My sole longing was to breathe,to live,to be free,to be my way,whatever it may be I should be myself, like any other being. I hated being encircled in boundations stricken environment though I was traditional and well cultured may be,but I gave importance to thoughts rather than being attracted to beings. My yearning to be credulous made me finally out of the mediocre in bound societies which made me and my mind more sick.
I can now attune to all those who expect good out of me,which makes me more obliged towards the respect I carry for my freedom.
It may be my desire to touch the realms of hearts of different varieties around,which in turn made a loving person in me.Mistakes were though a part of life and like any other being I made them too, but was still trying to learn from them. I find myself much dole in the sense to world, because I earned this sense by my passion to breathe, my desire to see and my wings to fly.