Decayed Values!

India was the name of a British colony whereas Bharat was a country of rich and ethical values. We have adopted India, but left Bharat. Also, from ‘Pitaji’ and ‘Mataji’ we’ve come down to ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’. Well, for youth that’s going up.On attaining independence, the Indian leadership adopted a Constitution based on exploitative imperial practises. This has led to all round social, environmental, economic and political degeneration.Over India’s long civilisation, some aberrations crept in its social structures.

Today, ours is a decaying culture. All round social and environmental degradation, pervasive corruption and self-seeking politics have become the norm. Our forests are depleted, water systems polluted. Asia’s largest illegal colonies have been built in India. Over half the urban populations lives in slums. They are migrants from rural settlement that are often worse then urban slums. The capacity of the state to deal with recurring draughts and floods is eroded. Starvation deaths have become frequent. Because of pressure on land for human needs, wild life habitats are deeply eroded.We adopted a faulty model of centralised planning and a controlled economy. Facing bankruptcy, we are now drifting from pseudo socialism to pseudo capitalism that fosters vulgar wealth alongside abject poverty. We are now almost entirely dependent upon foreign loans and direct investments to repay past debts and invest in so called “development”.

Violence is on the increase and an enhanced advent of foreign products and brands has entirely drifted away the basic indigenous convention from us. For instance,there are series of habits in the youth today,which has crudely demeaned the tag of “Future of the Nation”,when we already consider ourselves as NRI’s by adopting such hollow ideologies.There are some fundamental examples,which are resonating enough to almost everyone of my age and beyond,and they truly portray the  intoxication we admire being surrounded by myths.I would personally pose no acclamation’s on these emerging not-so-healthy trends,but would surely like to throw some light upon our fabricated lifestyles.

Instead of paying Rs.110 for a burger meal in packaged brands,can’t we afford to pay Rs.25 for a Vadapav or Coconut water and Rs.15 for fried potatoes, by just spending Rs.60,we’ll be efficiently contributing to our economy and Vadapav and samosa’s will be a ‘Totally Desi!’ replacement of burgers and pizza’s,which we blindly trust on having a fresh one and also there’s no doubt in coconut water being a perfect replacement of our “Thanda matlab…and Yeh dil maange more” hypes.Being healthy it also has some pro-economic benefits as it helps the poor farmers whose living entirely depends on it and no profit draining out to other nations.According to me,it’s completely baseless to barge on these international brands for a bowl of rice paying beyond 100 bucks,can’t we have Ghee Rice,Jeera Rice and Biryani’s ,where we have countless varieties to choose from,both for vegetarians and non veggies. Why do we hesitate to stop at a ‘Poha-jalebi and kachori thela’s’ to fill our half-filled tummies,or may be our systems are customized in a way to only thrust our hunger by these hi-fi air-conditioned eatable joints,so being an Indian nationalist we can atleast demand to initiate the chain of these eatables,which we know will more or less add to our economic structure.

Another cliche´, celebrating Valentines Day is stated as cool and romantic while Karvachauth isn’t ? Mother’s Day and father’s Day  is not for us,it is for those who leave their parents at a very early age and need a special day to remember them.If you really love your parents,then instead of posting “love you mom/miss you dad” on social networks ,take out time for them and serve them in the best possible way to make them proud.


You call yourself Modern? Huh!

According to Wikipedia,”Modern generally denotes something that is up to date”.But in our beloved country, a guy who straightens his hair by gel,wears a torn low waist jeans is “Modern”.He ‘s up-to date for sure.But up-to-date with what?

Indian Culture?? Nope

Western Culture??Yes, Perfect!

There are hell lot of ways to drape a saree,carrying Kurtis’s, churidars,patiala’s,and varieties of salwar kameez which can set up a trend if we like to,if we still consider Indian clothing as plain and boring,why can’t our fashion designers tweak and make it more exciting and trendy to meet the glamorous needs of Indian society.

Proceeding towards the mall culture,which is the most prevalent amid-st all sections of the country has downgraded the minds of people enjoying overpriced dresses/movie tickets and popcorn as well.Sometimes I wonder,why do we waste money at PVR’s and Cinemax’s to watch movies,where we pay equivalent for a box of popcorns to the movie ticket.Are we so accustomed to our lavish lifestyle that we are susceptible to these losses.

Heading toward the ‘Apple Mystery!’, a guy or gal who just want to use a smartphone for whatsapp,facebook and some browsing ,why do they want to buy an Iphone to serve this purpose? Are they a VIP or President of India,who really require a secure OS, so that they can prevent hacking of mobile or are they afraid that it might lead to the leakage of some important information which’ll turn out to be nation-wide threat?Simply we are running behind the upcoming brand names,which are selling for Rs.20,000 more in India than other nations (outside India-40,000 and in India-60,000) still we morons are running behind it,without carrying a tint of technical knowledge of what they exactly want from a smartphone.Today our youngsters evoke the motto of ‘No Apple,Not Cool!’ to signify the importance of an Apple Iphone holder.

Atleast we can make an approach to buy and use products manufactured by wholly Indian companies and try enrolling as many people as possible for the cause.We can still instigate the diet including Lemon juice,fresh fruit juice,Lassi, Buttermilk and Coconut water and  entrall the usage of indigenous products and services,be it the soaps,toothpastes,talcums, shampoo’s and mobile connections too.

However,by practicing this,we are not by any means going to boycott or stop using all foreign brands (which wouldn’t be good for our healthy globalization),but relatively we can make some effort to improve our economy and then worry about globalization.


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